Sawyer & Fisher delighted to be working on another AC Goatham & Son Expansion

Sawyer & Fisher are delighted to confirm our appointment to provide Employer's Agent and Quantity Surveying services for AC Goatham and Son who have just started work on a £9 million expansion of its cold stores in Hoo.

This season the company has produced more than 150 million apples and 50 million pears.

The initial clearing of redundant old orchards from the farm, is now complete with these being replaced by new orchards featuring more trees planted per hectare and trained to grow taller using a frame system.

The expansion will double the capacity for fruit cold storage and packing at Flanders Farm, Ratcliffe Highway, and the new buildings should be ready for the 2016 growing season.

Cold storage technology extends the season for British fruits in supermarkets, reducing the need for imported fruit.

Once again Sawyer & Fisher are delighted to continue our long standing relationship with AC Goatham and Son.